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Soul Knight Cheats: Tips and Strategy Guide

Soul Knight is an action packed top down shooter for Android and iOS. The Magic Stones which prevent the planet in balance are actually stolen, and today it is up to help you to take them back! Soul Knight is a difficult roguelike with lots and lots of bullets. It is a tough game to master but that is exactly why we are right here with our Soul Knight cheats, tricks strategy guide and tips!

Mastering Soul Knight is a mix of honing your twitch skills and learning how to make. And so with no further ado, we need to get going with our Soul Knight tips and tricks guide!

1. Do not toss the Bad Pistol!

You are able to bring up to 2 guns with you all the time. You start out in the Bad Pistol at the start of every run. As the title suggests, the Bad Pistol's statistics are not that good and also the harm is very little. However! The Bad Pistol likewise costs no power to fire, rendering it available in emergencies.

It is a lot better than being reliant on the wonky melee attacks, as well as the risk that will come with attempting to get that near opponents within the very first place. Remember though that you'll often locate brand new weapons that cost zero power, like the committed melee weapons. Go on and change the Bad Pistol with these!

2. Try the Chest!

Having trouble in the beginning? Try unlocking the Chest in the lobby before entering the dungeon. The chest costs a single fee of thousand gems to unlock, though it gives you a common weapon to begin with at the start of every run.

3. Watch out for all the traps!

The dungeons are host to tricky traps! Probably the most frequent is your normal spike trap, but these're not hard to stay away from so long as you watch your footing. Watch out for the colored barrels! Based on the color, these barrels will do a thing differently in case they are hit by either you or maybe an enemy.

The traditional red barrel explodes when it is struck, dealing around five damage to anything around it. Be cautious around these, because you are able to very easily kill yourself in a single explosion should your shields are broken. On the flipside, you are able to use them to eliminate a great deal of enemies!

Green barrels are going to leave behind a little cloud of poison gas. Poison gas can normally spawn in a few rooms, and so watch out! Lingering around poison gas is going to sap your health away and decrease the movement speed of yours.

Blue barrels shoot out a rush of ice crystals when they are destroyed. Something that's struck by one will freeze on the spot, disabling some action or movement. Naturally this's great for stopping problem opponents in the tracks of theirs, but be sure never to get struck by one yourself!

Grey barrels shoot out darts. These don't have any special effects; they only damage you normally.

4. Use the Frost weapons!

In case you discover a gun which has got the Frost prefix, put it to use! Frost weapons are able to freeze enemies (the exact same consequence from the blue barrels) if you critically hit them. This influence is extremely valuable during boss fights, because you are able to stay away from crazy bullet patterns altogether if the supervisor is frozen. Couple this with the Knight's special power Dual Wield, plus you've a really high possibility of landing serious hits.

5. Useful powerups!

Upon taking a portal to a higher level, at times you are prompted with a random choice of power ups. Here is a few we have found useful:

Higher chance of getting potions inside crates. Health potions are quite rare by default, therefore you will want all of the help you are able to buy with restoring health. This can provide you a place to breaking all those random crates you run into!

Slower enemy bullets and greater pick up radius. The pick up radius is attractive, though the reduced enemy bullets is practically essential together with the quantity of bullets the bosses spray all around the arenas.

Immune to traps. This one's situational. This can make you immune to spikes though it doesn't help make you immune to the barrel traps.

Chance to bring overall health on enemy kill. This one is fairly straight forward and can provide you with a good buffer between levels.

6. Try the Rogue!

The Rogue's special power is a combat roll which grants them invincibility frames. Very much like the frost weapons, this capability is priceless during boss fights when things get truly crazy. The Rogue costs 2000 gems, which makes them the least expensive hero to unlock. You need to try to uncover the Rogue quickly.

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